The Wildlife Gardener Creating a haven for birds, bees and butterflies Kate Bradbury

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    250 x 210 x 15mm
    09 May 2013
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The Wildlife Gardener is a book of two parts, offering itself as the perfect companion to creating a wildlife paradise in your outdoor space. The first half is all about creating wildlife habitats in your garden and is split into sections on shelter, food and water. Kate gives advice on what to grow, do's and don'ts of bird feeding and organic methods of pest control. Kate has also devised 10 step-by-step projects that will help encourage wildlife into your garden, such as creating a bumblebee nester, making green roof and building a bird box. These are all achievable in a weekend and suitable for even the smallest gardens.
The second part of the book is a mini yet comprehensive field guide to identifying wildlife in your garden. From birds to insects, butterflies to pond-life, nocturnal wanderers to daytime gatherers, Kate provides helpful tips on particular species, telling you what to look out for and how you can create the perfect environment for them. Whether you want to attract the honeybees, create a busy habitat for hundreds of species or simply want to learn more about the fascinating wild world on our doorstep, this modern guide to gardening with nature is a must.

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'A joyous book that will convince any gardener of the importance of nature in their plot and the pleasure that can be had from watching and encouraging all forms of wildlife.' Alan Titchmarsh

'Bright, colourful and boundlessly enthusiastic, this is also a very practical guide to making your garden a refuge for wildlife, with projects to fit all plots'
Chris Packham

'With plenty of helpful hints and tips for all aspects of creating a garden environment perfect for wildlife as well as people, this book offers a wonderful range of photography of birds, mammals and insects along with information about how you can attract them to your own back yard’ Wild Travel

‘Kate’s new book promises to be a must for wildlife enthusiasts’
English Garden

Kate Bradbury is passionate about organic, wildlife-friendly gardening. She is a well-known gardening writer and was a finalist in the Garden Media Guild Awards with her Gardeners’ World blog.