Mug Cakes: The...

How to avoid an awful mess when making your mug cake.

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Here, I’ve downsized the original club so you can actually get your mouth around it, but if you want to double stack, that’s your call. The traditional turkey club sandwich seems to be a featured item on just about every golf-club menu across the country. I had this Southwestern version when I was in California—and true to form, that sandwich was stacked as high as my handicap and held together by four toothpicks working overtime. It’s the perfect sandwich because it includes so many textures and flavors—it’s got the pickled jalapeños, the creamy pepper Jack cheese, and homemade Chipotle Mayo, which gives plain ol’ mayonnaise a kick in the pants. (The guacamole and butter lettuce keep the heat in check.)

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Mexican Hot...

This is a thicker, more decadent version of the warm chocolate-flavored beverage that’s sold on the streets to accompany tamales. You can find versions of it all around Mexico, but the base tends to have some sort of combination of chocolate, corn (either masa or a toasted ground corn called pinole) and sugar. My version is so rich that I think it works as dessert. (Or, if you are me, a 3 p.m. snack.) The masa flavor isn’t extremely noticeable, so if you’d like more of a corn boost, add more masa or stir in some pinole, which can be found at select Mexican grocery stores.

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