Roasted chicken, juicy and golden and rotating on a spit, is a neighborhood specialty in Mexico City. This recipe, for chicken slathered in an aromatic dried-chile adobo, comes from Alonso Ruvalcaba, a food writer who recently opened his own roasted chicken shop in Condesa. The dish is a little fancier than what’s sold in chicken joints and market stalls, but he’s captured the essence of what makes Mexican chicken so good: a crisp, flavorful, slightly spicy skin and moist flesh. Serve with a stack of warm tortillas, some salsa, and (if you want to be truly authentic) homemade potato chips, so guests can make tacos.

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An elegant sweet recipe, these chocolate-dipped candied orange strips make a wonderful Christmas gift. Just ensure that you make extra, as you will definitely want to keep some for yourself. Although I have made these with orange peel, as is traditional, they can be made with the peel of all different types of citrus fruit—grapefruit makes a wonderful alternative.

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Raspberry Tartlets

The raspberry tartlet is a recipe that screams summer, a timeless classic that is a staple in all bakeries. As with any recipe using berries, it really is best made when raspberries are in season—that way this simple tart will be more than the sum of its parts. If you want to increase the flavor in this recipe, you could add chocolate to the crème pâtissière or even a touch of orange or lemon zest. Personally, I like it exactly as it is—sometimes simple is best.

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