Trish's French Kitchen Delicious recipes to suit every occasion Trish Deseine

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    14 Jul 2011
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The French have an enormous passion for their food, for cooking it, shopping for it and eating it. We would all like to take a leaf out of their cookbook and Trish’s is the perfect one to choose from! Trish explores the fabulous edible heritage of France from the comfort of her three kitchens; a country kitchen for village specialities, a city kitchen for entertaining and trying out new trends, and her family kitchen for quick weekday meals. Chapter titles such as ‘Fast’, ‘Posh (but not too posh)’ and ‘Slow’, will offer French recipes for all occasions. With recipes like navarin, a simple delicate lamb stew to the famous coq au vin, this guide will bring the sheer beauty of France right to your kitchen table.

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‘With stunning photography and charming personal insights into the methods and history behind each dish, Trish’s French Kitchen captures the air, sun and soil of the countryside and brings all the flavours of French cooking into your own kitchen....It’s chapters offer recipes for every occasion, whether you want to spend hours in the kitchen or whip up a delicious supper in no time at all.' Destination France

Living and working in France for 20 years, Trish Deseine has freely developed her passion for cooking. Trish was edicated at the Belfast Royal Acadmy and The University of Edinburgh. Ma Petite Robe Noire was awarded one of France’s highest culinary honours, the Priz La Mazille at Perigueux. Trish is featured regularly in French Elle, and writes as reviews for Le Fooding and Time Out Paris.