The Rurbanite Living in the country without leaving the city Alex Mitchell

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    28 Feb 2013
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In cities around the world, we are redefining our sense of urban living. No longer satisfied with a grey, sterile metropolis, we want the best of both worlds – the energy and diversity of the city, but a connection with nature too. Filled with practical advice, projects and inspiring stories from bus stop landscapers, guerilla gardeners, urban homesteaders and rooftop beekeepers from all over the world, The Rurbanite illustrates how our cityscapes are being transformed and shows you how enjoyable and simple it is to:
• turn your back garden into an urban homestead
• put a green roof on your garden shed
• plant to encourage wildlife
• guerrilla garden
• keep bees, hens, quails, ducks
• learn to identity the wild flowers growing out of cracks in the pavement
• turn ex-industrial sites into vibrant community gardens

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"A how-to manual for those wanting to have their own bit of urban country, it covers all aspects of the rurbanite lifestyle" Grazia

‘This is a book that helps to find the greener uran spaces and encounters with the natural world we all crave’ Gardens Illustrated

'An accessible guide to why, how and what you can do in order to live a more self-sufficient country-style life in an urban environment’
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Alex Mitchell is a writer and gardener who has grown her own fruit, salad, herbs and vegetables for years. She studied at the Chelsea Physic Garden and for the past five years her columns in The Sunday Telegraph have entertained readers with her experiences of turning her garden into an edible Eden. Alex lives and gardens in Greenwich, South-East London, with her partner and two young sons.