Spanish Flavors

Stunning Dishes Inspired by the Regional Ingredients of Spain

Price $29.95
ISBN 9781906868895
Format Hardback
Published January 16th 2013
Size 8.4 x 10.3 inches
Pages 240


In Spanish Flavors, Pizarro journeys across Spain, collecting his favorite regional ingredients to combine into stylish dishes that are easy to recreate at home. He celebrates the classic Spanish dishes, but also focuses on his twists on classics and modern interpretations, adding his flair and passion to every recipe. Pizarro is the ambassador of Spanish cooking, emphasizing that good-quality ingredients and simple combinations are key to enjoyable, fuss-free cooking.

Author Information

José Pizarro has worked at some of London's most prestigious Spanish restaurants including Eyre Brothers, Brindisa and Gaudi. In 2011 he opened his first solo restaurants - José, and Pizarro just a few yards down from José.

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