Terrariums & Kokedama

Stylish ideas for low-maintenance indoor planting

Price £12.99
ISBN 9780857834379
Format Hardback
Published 05 Oct 2017
Size 200 x 200 MM
Pages 144


Terrariums, aeriums and kokedama (Japanese for ‘moss ball’) have exploded in popularity and making them at home is surprisingly easy and a wonderful way to keep plants in our homes. In this inspirational guide, Alyson Mowat shares her creative ideas for greening up your home and workspace, with 20 projects to make your own botanical beauties and containers to show them off.

Alyson guides you through the information and tools you’ll need to help cultivate your green thumb, before sharing her tips for making your own unique containers, such as a concrete planter or kokedama tray, choosing the best plants for your space and desired effort, and even includes tips to propagate them. With names such as Through the Looking Glass, Plant-O-Saurus and Hung Up on You, the projects are fun and quirky, bringing the outside in. With Alyson’s keen, stylish eye, you can create chic, low-maintenance greenery to cover your home or work.


'We all love to keep plants in our homes, so Alyson Mowat's stylish ideas help personalise any home with chic, low-maintenance planters, terrariums and kokedama (Japanese for "moss ball"). With 20 simple, unusual projects, she guides the reader through the tools and skills needed for making unique containers and decorations, choosing the right plants and even how to propagate them. From bonsai to orchids, Alyson proves that anyone can create intriguing plantscapes in their own home.' --NFU Countryside

'Terrariums, aeriums and kokedama (Japanese for "moss ball") may not sound exciting, but this book will make you see them differently. Alyson Mowat, who hosts indoor gardening workshops in London, shows how you can use greenery to create atmosphere. The book features 20 projects to help you take care of your own botanical creations.' --The Independent

'Alyson Mowat's new book is the definitive guide to terrariums, aeriums and kokedama, supplying you with creative ideas for indoor planting and greening up your home.' -- Scottish Woman

Author Information

Alyson Mowat founded her business in 2013 to create natural scenes and lush backdrops in urban settings. Prior to this, she moved from South Africa to London, where she trained as a graphic designer and worked in the fashion and jewellery industries. With a focus on hand-crafted, artisan pieces, Alyson draws on her passion for style and beautiful things when designing her collections.

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