The Container Gardener

Inspirational ideas for pots & plants to transform any garden

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ISBN 9780857833808
Format Paperback
Published 06 Apr 2017
Size 240 x 210 MM
Pages 160


Whether you love growing, love creating, or just want to liven up your outdoor space, a container garden is just the answer. So many of us nowadays are crammed into our homes and a garden is a luxury that few can afford. But there is always room for a bit of greenery; whether it’s herbs and spices to add fresh flavour to your food, or putting a jungle on your windowsill, a container can enable growers to bring nature to the most inhospitable and smallest spaces. Frances Tophill covers the sustainable, crafty and culinary aspects of container gardening. From urns and troughs to chimney stacks and hanging baskets alongside what to grow inside them – bonsai to annuals, bulbs, grasses and bamboos, tumbling and creeping plants and flowers – there are also 40 ideas on how to pair plants and pots, including upcycling existing items and creating your own containers.

Author Information

Frances Tophill is a co-presenter on ITV’s popular show Love Your Garden alongside Alan Titchmarsh, with the 7th series scheduled for transmission in 2017. She is also a regular presenter on BBC’s Gardeners’ World and trained at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Frances is the author of First-time Gardener, published in 2015, which was translated into German.

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