The Goodness of: Coconut

Price $14.95
ISBN 9781909487574
Format Hardback
Published October 7th 2016
Size 6.25 x 8 inches
Pages 96


Few foods have seen the spotlight in recent years as much as the coconut. Since lingering at the bottom of the fashionable fruit chart, the brown, hairy, and difficult-to-crack contender has risen to the top, making up for what it lacks in looks by packing a nutritional punch. Hailed as one of the top superfoods of 2015, sales of coconut-based food have rocketed. Its liquid form has even been referred to as an “uniquely curative elixir” – indeed, the humble coconut is certainly having its moment. Once confined to the filling of a Mounds bar, coconut now comes in an array of forms. Part of of a series of four ingredient-led superfood cookbooks, this book is arranged by texture and variety, with chapters on Milk & Water, Oil, Flour, and Desiccated. Packed with an amazing range of recipes from savory dishes such as Coconut-crusted Chicken or Stir-fried squid to sweet things such as Coconut Flour Pancakes and Coconut & Pistachio Brownies, Emily will have you going nuts over nature’s finest and most versatile ingredient. The unassuming coconut is now taking its rightful place as the darling of the “superfoods”.

Author Information

Emily was born in Singapore and spent her childhood travelling between here and England, which encouraged a love for travel and exploring food in many cultures. She studied at Leith’s School of Food and Wine and has gone on to become a food stylist and recipe writer, working with chefs including Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith.

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