The Indian Cooking Course

Techniques, Masterclasses, Ingredients

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ISBN 9781909487468
Format Hardback
Size 8 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches
Pages 496


This comprehensive guide to Indian cooking explores the myriad regional varieties of authentic, healthy and lesser known Indian recipes. With chapters broken down into Rice, Breads, Meat, Fish & Seafood, Poultry, Eggs, Dairy, Lentils & Beans, Vegetables, Snack & Sides, Grills, Salads & Raitas, Chutneys & Relishes, Desserts and Drinks, Monisha covers a varied range of dishes as well as providing insights into ingredients, techniques, and step-by-step masterclasses to help you recreate classic and popular recipes. Monisha offers a vivid overview of India’s colorful traditions and geographical differences, from the earthy lentil dishes of the North to the coconut-based curries which are a staple in the South. The book includes advice on the building blocks of Indian cuisine, such as how to make a basic curry and how to cook the perfect rice, plus tips on the different varieties of rice and how to shop for the best type for each dish. Monisha teaches you how to make traditional Indian food at home, based on the principles of good health and touching on the values of Ayurveda. The Indian Cooking Course is the ultimate guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Indian food.

Author Information

Monisha Bharadwaj was born in Mumbai, where she first learned to cook from her grandmother, mother, and many aunts. Today she is an award-winning author who writes regularly for magazines and newspapers including Elle, The Sunday Telegraph, and Waitrose Food Illustrated. She has served as a judge on Iron Chef America and appeared on BBC. Bharadwaj also runs her own successful cooking school in London.

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