The Wholefood Pantry

Change the way You cook with 175 recipes for healthy homemade essentials

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Price $29.95
ISBN 9781909487659
Format Hardback
Published September 5th 2017
Pages 224


Learn how to create your own sriracha or plum ketchup, and discover how to create butter from coconut, tortillas from cauliflower, and ice cream from bananas. With a wealth of marinades and dressings, you can customize your meats and create delicious, healthy salads. There is also a Sweets section, filled with sumptuous fruit butters, homemade raw chocolate, and fragrant syrups and cordials. Once you have perfected these essential recipes, Amber shows you how to use them in main dishes, rapidly expanding your repertoire to include Shoulder of Lamb with Rose Harissa and Fennel, and Buckwheat Brownies with Salted Honey Caramel. From Kale Ash Salt Mix to Peach and Ginger No-Cook Jam, let Amber change the way you cook forever.

Author Information

Amber Rose is the author of Love Bake Nourish and the coauthor (with Sadie Frost and Holly Davidson) of Nourish. Amber is a food stylist who has cooked in various restaurants and for clients in their homes (including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson), and was private chef to Sadie Frost before becoming a doula and cook for new mothers.

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