We all need super-quick options for those times when we’re in a rush. The sweet chili addition might be a little less healthy than a homemade sauce, but I’m happy to lean on these store-bought products now and again for ease. I’ve tried to balance the bad with the good here, so go big on the kale. If you’re really averse to the store-bought sauce, mash some chile, garlic, and ginger in a pestle and mortar for a similar result.

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Roasted chicken, juicy and golden and rotating on a spit, is a neighborhood specialty in Mexico City. This recipe, for chicken slathered in an aromatic dried-chile adobo, comes from Alonso Ruvalcaba, a food writer who recently opened his own roasted chicken shop in Condesa. The dish is a little fancier than what’s sold in chicken joints and market stalls, but he’s captured the essence of what makes Mexican chicken so good: a crisp, flavorful, slightly spicy skin and moist flesh. Serve with a stack of warm tortillas, some salsa, and (if you want to be truly authentic) homemade potato chips, so guests can make tacos.

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An elegant sweet recipe, these chocolate-dipped candied orange strips make a wonderful Christmas gift. Just ensure that you make extra, as you will definitely want to keep some for yourself. Although I have made these with orange peel, as is traditional, they can be made with the peel of all different types of citrus fruit—grapefruit makes a wonderful alternative.

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