Cook on a Shoestring

Easy, Inspiring Recipes on a Budget

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ISBN 9781906868956
Format Paperback / softback
Published September 6th 2013
Size 8.3 x 9..8 inches
Pages 176


In Cook on a Shoestring, Sophie Wright shows that making meals on a budget doesn’t have to mean settling for the same boring, tasteless dinners.
Her inventive and inspiring ideas show how to multiply meals such as roasting a chicken and using the leftovers to make a variety of dishes – from Chicken, Orzo and Minted Pea Broth using stock from the carcass to Shredded Chicken Enchiladas or Bang Bang Chicken Salad with the remaining meat. She illustrates how to get the best from pantry staples, such as pasta and canned beans and pulses, plus how sensible shopping can make the most of a few simple ingredients.
CHAPTERS INCLUDE: Meat and Poultry – how to choose the best value cuts of meat and make good use of the leftovers Fish – which types of fish you can buy on a budget Pulses, Grains and Pasta – cooking with simple, standby ingredients when you haven’t had time to shop or funds are running low Fruit and Vegetables – taking advantage of deals on seasonal produce Eggs and Dairy – using basic ingredients to whip up a delicious dinner or a sweet treat for dessert.
Let Sophie show you that sacrificing on cost doesn’t mean sacrificing on flavor and with her expert tips and delicious recipes you’ll get value and quality for your money, without breaking the bank.

Author Information

Sophie Wright is one of the youngest stars of British cuisine. At twenty she was the UK’s youngest head chef, running the kitchen at one of Notting Hill’s most famous celebrity hang outs, Beach Blanket Babylon. She launched her new venture Sophie Wright Catering in 2011, capitalizing on her experience catering for private events and guests including Leonardo DiCaprio and Avril Lavigne, with The [London] Times claiming 'In ten years… she’ll be doing the food at Kate and Wills’ anniversary bash.'

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